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Our Services

FlossTech is dedicated to making you life and business easier! We provide custom solutions to your specific needs. IF ITS TECH, WE GOT YOU!

App Development

We Provide app development! We will build your business, or just an app idea from the ground up. We do this with an low-code app development solutions. What does this mean for you? This means lower cost and faster development times!

Business IT Support

Tech should not be an issue for you. It should be helping you. We will make sure your business technical side is running smoothly and efficiently. We provide full service support from computer setups to full networking infrastructure. 

Website Development

Let's go Digital! Every business needs an online presents. We create affordable robust websites with every thing you need to better your business. Scheduling, Forums, Blogs, Request Systems, Client logins, ect. 

Residential Tech Support

Technology is constantly growing. We grow with the technology so you don't have to! We provide lessons and set ups for anything tech related! Home automation, Computer Services, Phone Services, Wifi/Networking Services, ect.


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I have worked with FlossTech Solutions for about 3 and a half years now. I moved about 15 mos. ago, and RJ and company have worked with me in both houses. There has never been a problem that they cannot solve. They are responsive, great communication and wonderful advice. I asked for a stack of his business cards and give them out freely. This is the best tech service I've worked with ever in over 25 years! Thanks, RJ & Company!

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